Website Migration Plan: SEO Checklist, Process and Points to Take Care

Website Migration Plan: SEO Checklist, Process and Points to Take Care

Do you wish to create a new website, but do not want to lose out on the traffic and position you have gained with your existing website? Web migration is your way out. It is a process through which you can create a new website by keeping the old links working and redirect them to the new pages. Thus, the potentiality explored through your previous work stays intact while you can add more value to your new website. However, the migration plan includes a website migration checklist along with the process that needs to be taken care of so that you do not lose out on your organic ranking and the traffic.

The Process of Website Migration

Site Migration comes in beneficial when you want to change the domain name or need to move site to HTTPS. The process can help you in re-branding and create a fresh platform for your business. To put the plan in focus you need to follow the process which includes:

  • Ensure that your new website is completely functional and worth the transition.
  • Include all the necessary tracking tools to the new website.
  • Crosscheck all the areas and promote your site so that users are familiar with the change.
  • Make sure that you follow the SEO Checklist.

SEO Checklist for Website Migration

SEO helps in creating the organic position of your website on the search engine. Before migration, it is important to consider the following website SEO checklist, which will benefit your newly developed website. Be sure and test

• Period of Migration: It helps the website from SEO perspective to migrate when your website is not in much use. This could be a period where you witness the least traffic so that you can go about the process with much ease and accuracy.
• Copy of all analytics data: Google analytics help you study the nature of your website. Get all the information of your old website copied so that you can analyse the areas and work the same on your new website. This will help your figure out what led to more traffic and where you faltered in the past and maintain your ranking through the website SEO checklist.
• Check all the links: Thoroughly process and check the old links and the re-directions so that the data is not lost. Also, make sure that the internal links lead to the new website along with the old links.
• Test before the launch: To know that your data is checked, made secure and successfully migrated, you need to test the website. Testing should be done at different levels and throughout the process to make sure the new website is fully functional and none of the previous URLs redirect to the old website.

By including the above mentioned points in your website migration plan, you can proceed with site migration WordPress to a new host or take your website to a completely new domain. So are you ready for the shift?

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