Current Trends In Web Development Technologies For 2018

Current Trends In Web Development Technologies For 2018

There was a time when PHP (hypertext preprocessor), Java and ASP.Net were the main technologies being used in the world of web development. There was a time when developers were principally using databases such as MySQL. However, in this day and age when technology is changing faster than we can think of it, it is unwise to expect that things would always remain the same. They are bound to change and that is what is happening in this particular domain as well. Let us see what the new changes are as far as web development is concerned. The biggest name in this particular context is MEAN stack development.

In the coding parlance, it is basically a full stack JavaScript-based framework that is extremely user-friendly. It is used to create websites and web-based applications that are dynamic in nature. It comprises MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. MongoDB can be described as a database program that is a free and open source, cross-platform, and document-oriented one. A MongoDB based database is different from a relational database in the sense that it is built on documents and collections.

web development technologiesExpress is basically a web framework created by Node.js. It is fast, minimalist, and unopinionated framework. It is also highly flexible that helps you create mobile and web-based applications with sound features. In web development terminology, NodeJS can be described as a JavaScript-based runtime that has been built on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome. It uses an I/O model that is a non-blocking and event-driven one. NodeJS development is one of the latest trends in the world of web development today because the software is efficient and lightweight.

However, the biggest name in this regard is surely AngularJS. An AngularJS based website is all the rage today. As far as declaring static documents are concerned HTML (hypertext markup language) is the best possible option.

However, when it comes to declaring dynamic views as are needed in case of web-based applications HTML has a tendency to falter. With the help of AngularJS, a developer would be able to extend her or his HTML vocabulary for a particular application that she or he may be developing. The environment that is created as a result of these efforts is an extremely expressive one. It is eminently readable too and can be developed quite quickly as well. This is the reason why AngularJS is such a popular option for web developers all around the world.

It is common knowledge that HTML was not designed for dynamic views. However, other frameworks try and skirt around the issue in different ways. Some of them either remove the HTML, JavaScript, or CSS (cascading style sheets). No matter what, they are never able to address this root issue.

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