Why should you choose the AR Christmas App this year?

Why should you choose the AR Christmas App this year?

The world of augmented reality (AR) apps and games have seen plenty of developments in 2017 with one of the biggest developments in this regard coming in the shape of a partnership between Niantic Labs and Nintendo. They created an AR app named Pokémon Go. The success of this app could be gauged from the way it was able to increase the stock of Nintendo around the world and also generated a cool 7.5 billion dollars for the company. Only two days after being released on the Google Play Store as well as the iOS app store it left Twitter behind in terms of active users and Tinder in terms of downloads.

Market trends in this domain

These apps are immersive media at their very best and this includes any and every Christmas decoration app as well. However, truth to be told, it has had a disruptive effect on the entire industry as well. In fact, Pokémon Go has now become the benchmark against which the success of other such similar apps is being judged. Not a lot of thought is being put into the fact that the success of Pokémon Go was not expected at all. Virgin has said that by 2020 the AR and virtual reality (VR) industry would grow to be valued at 150 billion dollars.

AR Christmas Decoration app

This is where the AR Christmas Decoration app by Kuntec Online Services Pvt. Ltd can come in and play such a major role by offering you the chance to do something a lot simpler and a lot less complicated. With this app, you can easily decorate this Christmas with augmented reality, something that you may have ever done before in your life. This one here is a glittering and glossy app, to say the least, and it also allows you to aggravate each and every space gender as a bubbly.

The decorating plans in this app are cheerful at the very least and they would add significantly to your festive joy this holiday season. There is perhaps no one who does not like to decorate in some capacity or the other when Christmas comes calling and this augmented reality Christmas app can make it possible. You can easily grab your festoons and get ready for the wreaths with this one over here. With this app, the makers have brought to the fore some of the most loved and cherished thoughts of our childhood to reality.

You can be sure that you would have more fun doing Christmas art with AR than you had done anything else in a long time. You can easily take photos of various parts of your home like your front door or even an old Christmas tree that you used last year and then use our app to decorate it any way that you wish to. In fact, a lot of the people who have used this app have been seen to have taken photos of all corners of their homes, decorate them, and then put them up on their various social media profiles.

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