Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development


Kuntec Online Services can write and implement your smart contracts code in a secure environment to automate enforcement in Hyperledger and Ethereum. We also perform Smart Contract auditing to identify Security Flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency.


Implement cryptography based technologies via building on the back of multiple types of public chains we also build and develop technologies for private Blockchain in your institution or corporation.

Blockchain Development
Blockchain Development


If you have specific requirements which involves the use of Hyperledger, we develop Blockchain solutions for Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, Trade & Commerce organizations as well as Governmental services.


Our technicians working in created numerous smart wallets for the storing of digital assets. We build strong and secure wallets across all platforms from mobile to desktop.

Bitcoin Development
Blockchain Development


Regarding the interface, Kuntec Online Services can build your system from scratch and design the look and feel to ensure that your new Blockchain based initiative is as eye-catching as it is functional.


If you are looking to fund your business with an Initial Token Offerings (ITO) on Ethereum. Stellar or another platform not only can we develop your Smart Contract technology securely. We can also build the ITO platform and help you get interest and traction in the Middle East or Worldwide using our digital communications teams through Paid, Social and Search.

Blockchain Development
Bitcoin Development


We develop safe and reliable exchanges for tokens and Public Blockchain Explorers, our team are well known for creating the world’s largest public Blockchain explorer for 13 major token assets.


The Kuntec Online Services do offer Blockchain and security/utility token training and consultation if you are inquiring as to how these revolutionary technologies could help you with your business, or improve already existing legacy systems and processes to allow your organization to become more efficient.

Blockchain training and Consultation
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