Android Development Training Course for Beginners

Android Development Training Course for Beginners

Gartner has come out with its newest smartphone figures and from the looks of it, things seem to be really familiar. This is especially applicable for people who have received Android development training. Right now iOS and Android are accounting for a lion’s share of all the smartphones being sold around the world. In fact, in the final quarter of 2016, they accounted for almost 99.6 per cent of the smartphones sold. Truth to be told, the vice like grip that these two brands have exercised over the market has been in existence for a long period of time. This is where you would realize the true importance of being trained in the ways of iOS and Android app development.

What do the stats say?

In fact, as anyone trained in an Android app development course would know, in the second quarter of 2015 these two brands had together accounted for 96.8 per cent of all the smartphones sold. As impressive as it is for people who are buying the products, it is quite terrifying as well for the competitors as well as people who prefer other operating systems in their smartphones. It seems like there would soon be a day when the competitors of Google and Apple would be reduced to mere decimal points in the global market for smartphones.

The importance of proper training

By now you would have realized how important it is in this day and age to have proper mobile application training. You can always learn software development and other information technology (IT) lessons in your college and university but you need to ask yourself will that prepare you for a successful career in any of the brands that we have mentioned so far? Do not you think that a professional course that deals specifically in developing apps and programs on operating systems such as iOS and Android would be so much more helpful for you?

How can training help you?

As you have seen by now, these companies are basically the world as far as it comes to operating systems for smartphones and there is a good reason as to why they are at that position. They normally hire trained professionals that help them get a head start over their competitors and maintain their supreme position in the market. It is very important that you know things such as Google Map integration. The generic and age old knowledge imparted in most of the Master of Computer Application (MCA) may not always help you cut it.

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